Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Good News

Is salvation through grace.

We got some of that in this election. What I'm glad about:

For people of color the world over, race can now be seen as a positive issue in getting elected, even to the highest office. Like conservatives over the past eight years, they will come to know the joys and pains of having someone you voted for try to make crucial decisions that everyone will have to live with. Congratulations.

The popular vote leaves conservatives not completely dismayed, while the electoral trouncing ensures we won't go through any battles like in 2000.

There is a national focus for race issues to play out - may we get more of them behind us and draw closer to MLK's dream.

Conservatives will have time to reconsider why they are out - they could come to the conclusion that they are too much like their Dem colleagues and reembrace conservatism. It certainly would have been little more than the discussion it's been for the past eight years if McCain - RHINO that he is - had won.

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