Tuesday, April 7, 2009

way-back machine

I'd have popped on with the report yesterday, but I was in an accident. A very nice elderly gentleman hit me while I was in the turn lane. Fortunately, I was in an old F250, but his Winstar is in so many pieces.

So I was a little sore and tired, and went to bed with a heating pad instead of telling you about how warm it was here - 84 degrees is a bit warm when you're trailing a four-year-old on her first bike and trying to avoid getting run over by the training wheels.

I did enjoy falling to sleep with a happy smile knowing that Obama has a) passed legislation that will make Bush's spending look conservative in comparison; b) has set the stage to invade a sovereign nation; and c) perfected the art of nationalizing a major US business (GM) without having to get his hands too dirty.

Kos must be so proud.

What was it Kennedy said about asking not what your country can do for you..?

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