Saturday, April 4, 2009

So full of crap the bottle's brown.

No, not Leinie's. So most guys should probably turn away now.

I made the mistake of clicking on a link to an article titled "Ban the Breast Pump."

Excuse me, but what the f*@& is wrong with people? Why do people have to make it any more involved than it already is? And why the constant need to find ways to condone not breastfeeding?

The woman, who should know better except that she makes her living doing this, gives a shot at cramming this down our throats:
Is it at long last possible – on this side of the Atlantic – to suggest that we’ve maybe taken “breast is best” a bit too far? That a mother’s need for some semblance of physical dignity is perhaps a right worth respecting? That supplementing with formula – if it makes for greater happiness (and emotional availability) in the baby’s most important caretaker – isn’t necessarily an act of gross irresponsibility?

"B is b" being an ideal, not a mandate, can be taken too far? Pumping milk keeps the supply primed if you have to work, and relieves buildup in the mother's body. Ah, you see? I'm already sucked into the debate.

Let her do it. Or not. It's not cause to react in any way - shame, disgust, judgement, approbation, reconstructing the idea of "physical dignity" - or to make the saddest comment I've heard in a long time: “Who could blame [your husband] for never wanting to sleep with you again?”

What an effed-up bunch of people. Makes you wonder why they have kids in the first place, but I suspect it has everything to do with self-fulfillment.

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