Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ahh, youth takes over at the Gazette

I've really been enjoying the new blood that's been flowing into the Janesville Gazette over the past two years, much of it young and female.

Today's sample:

I have had a long-standing rivalry with pigs themselves, and I tend to think that this whole swine flu situation is a result of pigs getting together in their piggy war room and evilly plotting the world's destruction.

They are very smart, after all. I found this picture as evidence of an early standoff between myself and a regiment of the porkers. (Clearly I am "helping feed" them by "throwing rocks at their heads" while my parents encouraged this behavior by taking a picture.)

As usual, the comments are a riot of inanities and cross talk, and if it were possible to edit them together, they'd be their own story.

Who said it was typically the well-educated and liberal who access the internet?

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