Friday, December 12, 2008

Intermittent babble about boring me, economy, coal in the stocking and MIDWESTERN MOVIE REVIEW!!!

Okay, the all-caps and exclamation points were seriously not warranted.

Wow, am I boring. Don't even show up for my own blog. I could be pasting in pictures of My Little Pony or other things I want for Christmas. Not expecting much, though... I've been a very, very bad girl, and I'm sure the info's trickled up to Santa.

Speaking of not expecting much: Been lookin' at home sales in our area. It's gonna be bad, soon as the aid money for the GM and GM-related layoffs peters out and people realize that there's no Dodge or Honda on the horizon waiting to swoop in and take over the plant and save those 3,000+ jobs.

Better get your house on the block by January - moderate homes are on the market in excess of 120 days. I guess the good news is that they're selling at all.

Kills me - the local business bureau has launched an ad campaign to get people motivated and going to the local Tech College. So they can then move to Madison, Rockford or Milwaukee and environs for the jobs we no longer have for them. Smart Choice!

Midwestern Movie Review, as promised
So we watched 30 Days of Night last night. Gory, Nosferatu-like vampire leader who speaks some form of old high German or related Transelvanic language; cool young everyday hero and heroine; devil child and angel child show up (**spoiler parenthetical:**anyone from the upper Midwest will guess the former by her inappropriate clothing, but she's still so cute!); not too scary-suspenseful; lots of Strategery! None of it over-scripted, and all of it in the dark, in the snow. Yay, winter!

Heh, an appropriate pic from my childhood:

Nah, I was never that cute. More like this:

Now go get ready for Hannukkah or it'll sneak up on you again this year, even though it's not 'til the 21st. I'm off to get my phlebotomy certificate tomorrow in the city.

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