Tuesday, September 2, 2008

If you find yourself choking on generic network and MSM convention coverage...

I wrote this post to put up Tuesday but compy 386 here wouldn't move quickly enough for me to get the last link I needed, and after trying to stay one step ahead on the work and home fronts, I forgot I had it in the cue until after I wrote this morning's Palin post.

For example, "Hundreds to be charged after RNC protests ," try out some Badger-flavored coverage.

Check out Sean's place, or Lance's work here, or Brandon Henak's posts and WisPolitics and Christian Schneider and possibly some Owen.

Sean's already showing off his convention goody bag, complete with what look like some mystical kind of communication to American voters, including the close-up from the McAroni 'n Palin box.

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