Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama, Veeps, Prevarication?

I'm excited today because I can't wait to see what Obama's veep pick* adds to the circus.

I'm on the email list that was promised to be sent with tidings of The One today, so I expect Obama to keep his word. However, the Trib article did say:
Obama was to appear Saturday in Springfield, Ill., with his No. 2, and disclose the name to the world through a text message that could be sent at any time before that event.

Will he have the cajones to not pick Hillary? How will his pick stand up well compared with Hillary, and what Clintonian deals will he have to make to retain her support and win back the PUMAs?

But I'm also ambivalent because it's the last day of summer. Back to students on Monday, things around here are already cooling down at night and colors are starting to change, and I've begun sleeping in until all hours just when I need to get that routine back.

*Fox News actually has the short list for both candidates.

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